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If you spend considerable time visiting astrology sites, you might run into the word ‘yagya’. Perhaps not within the site’s main body, nevertheless in some of the accompanying adverts.

A yagya is a Hindu religious ceremony, that can supposedly boost your luck. It’s a ceremony that you simply don’t must attend, which can depend on one’s Hindu horoscope.

The term ‘yagya’ is cognate using the English word ‘ignite’ – so it’s connected with fire. One makes an offering for the gods, and fire consumes it.

In terms of Hindu astrology, a yagya is aligned to the horoscope – in case we’re dealing with an unsatisfactory patch, that can be associated with astrology, we can possess a yagya done to sort the issue out.

To comprehend the linkage between astrology and yagyas, you need to recognize that Hindu astrology can be very deterministic. Planets can be good or bad. And when you’re in a time of life ruled by way of a badly placed planet, then you’re luck may be damaged.

If one takes a good example, albeit an extreme one, let us state that you’re going through a time period of life ruled through the Moon, as well as your every day life is deteriorating. Your Moon is in Scorpio, the sign of the fall, and it’s also aspected by Mars and Saturn.

We can therefore say, all things being equal, that the Moon is terribly weak, and has to be helped. One way of improving the Moon is to get a yagya done. Which means you get in touch with a Hindu priest, or some religious or spiritual organisation, and also you get them to perform a yagya for you personally.

The yagya will likely be focused on the person’s Moon. It will typically begin a Monday, which is the day from the Moon, and mantras will be recited, and offerings made, that have relevance to this planet. The yagya could last for any day, however it may be longer, such as a whole week.

Even though you don’t need to be present once the yagya has taken place, you must make sure that while it’s happening you lead a moderate and well-balanced life. You shouldn’t drink, smoke or eat excessively. Also, you shouldn’t have sex.

You can understand how powerful a yagya can be. Priests are intervening on your behalf, and they are generally directly addressing the cause of the bad luck.

However anyone considering having a yagya performed must be cautious.

An astrologer, or even a priest, will choose which yagya should be carried out. When a yagya is designed to strengthen a planet, will this strengthening be advantageous? If we’re experiencing a Saturn period, and we’re feeling frustrated, then the Saturn yagya might make us feel even more frustrated. Put simply, a yagya could actually boost the malefic potential of the planet, unless it’s carefully chosen.

Yet there’s another issue with yagyas. When they are done efficiently, they’re likely to be expensive – because they’re a labour-intensive activity, in which a priest, or sometimes a group of priests, must give attention to your horoscope for a lengthy period of time. Put simply we’re talking about a price tag of hundreds of dollars.

So if you’re seeing a reputable provider, that’s associated with a mainstream spiritual organisation, you’ll know that a yagya has been done on your behalf, using a top level of care and attention. If the yagya will work is yet another matter, but at the very least it’s being performed, to a minimum standard.

However when you get a yagya done by someone who you don’t know, who doesn’t use a reputation, then you’ll do not know what’s taking place. You might be told that the ceremony has been done on your behalf in a temple in India, but how will you know? It’s quite probable that someone is taking your cash and doing nothing. Even if they are doing something, the yagya might be incorrectly performed.

We therefore possess the basis of the major rip-off. Individuals who are going ugogzg difficult times will frequently trying anything, and they could pay money they can’t afford to an unscrupulous provider, for any useless service.

Yet I’m not saying that you need to not have a yagya done. Instead I’m saying that if one makes the decision to possess a yagya, you need to firstly anticipate to pay hundreds of dollars for your service and secondly you must do plenty of research, which includes speaking with providers on the phone, and establishing their temple or religious grouping is really reputable.