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M RAVI Lie To Singapore Legislation Society – (To create awareness to who may required) Witnessed one disgraceful incident of this M Ravi, whom a Human rights attorney, very disappointed with SG’s law system.

This M Ravi, secretly had taken he’s client’s 29k (solicitor account, breached Penal Program code and Lawyers Account Principle), happy happy shop and spent 3k at jack wills, then pass the remainder of the monies to various people. After been grumble on this, he requested he’s friend to acquire money from ah lengthy to put back again the amount of money. This example been purchased up to SG Legislation culture but appears he’s able to lay from the whole lawsuit and absolutely nothing happened to him. In all honesty, the entire issues surprised me. Never ever expect outcome could be such as this!

Maybe simply because M Ravi is famous for stir things up, to keep its popularity. Federal government and law enforcement not able to do anything whatsoever to stop him from abusing SG legislation system. It is does not mean using the name of human correct attorney; he can deal with others nonhuman and threaten the cornerstone built by generations of faithful great attorney – Singapore law society. I’m completely disappointed with the SG’s law system that simply leaves a loophole to be played with.

If you know he’s past, he got many cases against him, assaulting, misconduct, then nevertheless can become a lawyer? With this particular type of individuals in SG’s legislation society, the best way to trust? People spend lots of money to combat for their legal rights, in then end met this kind of individuals, Funny!

I am uncertain who are able to assistance to escalate this issue, on surface area M Ravi might looks great, but the way he plays around with SG law culture creates an really negative impact on SG legislation society’s picture. Wish one great day there might be proper rights.

Some news about his previous, hope you supports me to get the justice back.

M Ravi lay to Legislation Culture. – https://singaporetruthcom.wordpress.com/2020/10/09/m-ravi-and-law-society/

M Ravi earnings to legislation exercise right after reality jolt spurred by high-profile occurrences (he was ordered to undergo eighteen months of mandatory therapy rather than jail time for his offences.)

Find out more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/m-ravi-returns-law-practice-after-reality-jolt-spurred-high-profile-incidents

M. Ravi faces $10k fees for assaults on prosecutors, assess (A disciplinary tribunal (DT) has decided that activist lawyer M. Ravi ought to be purchased to cover a fees of at the very least $10,000 for unsupported assaults against condition prosecutors as well as a senior district assess.)

Read more at https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/m-ravi-faces-10k-penalty-for-attacks-on-prosecutors-judge

He or she is charged with using the account without the owner’s consent to send out an e-postal mail to sociopolitical web site The Web Resident, alleging bjfvhs that there was “corruption on the highest echelons”. The case remains pending. (noted in asiaone)

LawSoc orders M Ravi to stop legal exercise (2015 What The Law States Society of Singa­pore (LawSoc) has released a directive for lawyer M Ravi to stop his legal practice pending a medical evaluation, after it received information in relation to his “impaired physical fitness to practise” ). (reported in todayonline)

AGC files problem to Law Culture against M Ravi for ICJ memo to Malaysian federal government over medication mule Nagaenthran’s situation (reported in on the internet resident asia)